Best Music Festivals In The World


Why Music Festivals Are Important


Why Music Festivals Are So Expensive


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Best Music Festivals In The World


Music festivals have become very popular over the past few decades and have shown no signs of declining. And it’s not just the genre. There is almost a festival for everyone these days, with certain festivals catering to EDM while others to alternative rock. There are several thousand festivals taking place every year, from the very eye candy Coachella Music Festival to the Fuji Rock festival of Japan which claims to have the ‘cleanest festival…

Why Music Festivals Are Important


A music festival is a gathering that is called when a musician, band or group of musicians or bands are performing live at a particular venue at a particular time in a particular time interval. There is a shared sense of joy when it comes to listening to your favourite artist live with many other people physically present at the same time. Music festivals are usually conducted in stadiums such as the Spectrum Center or grand auditoriums.

Why Music Festivals Are So Expensive


Music festivals have been increasing in popularity since the early 1960s, and their popularity has not declined since. Take California’s Coachella Music Festival for example. It was started in 1999 with an audience of 25000 people. Today, 20 years later, that number has grown to two hundred and fifty thousand. Music festivals have definitely increased in popularity all over the world, but something else about them increased too: the ticket price. In 1979, a ticket…